Speculation on the World of “We Know The Devil”: Of Radios And Transformation Sequences

Potential spoiler alert: I will speculating on this game’s universe. I tried to avoid direct plot spoilers, but a lot of my speculation is taken from the endings, including the true ending, as well as the overall significance of the various points of the story. Read at your own risk.

I recently finished We Know the Devil, a fantastic visual novel you can purchase on Steam or at datenighto. I’m not very good at writing pitches, so let me just make this simple: Go buy it and play it. Then read this.

During my first playthrough, I struggled to understand the setting of the game. While it is clear that it takes place in a Christian summer camp, there are a number of supernatural elements at play too. Sirens! Radios! The Devil himself! This is no typical summer camp.

In this rambling blog post, I will be speculating on the type of world WKTD takes place in, as well as what significance they may have on one’s understanding of the story as a whole.

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