Speculation on the World of “We Know The Devil”: Of Radios And Transformation Sequences

Potential spoiler alert: I will speculating on this game’s universe. I tried to avoid direct plot spoilers, but a lot of my speculation is taken from the endings, including the true ending, as well as the overall significance of the various points of the story. Read at your own risk.

I recently finished We Know the Devil, a fantastic visual novel you can purchase on Steam or at datenighto. I’m not very good at writing pitches, so let me just make this simple: Go buy it and play it. Then read this.

During my first playthrough, I struggled to understand the setting of the game. While it is clear that it takes place in a Christian summer camp, there are a number of supernatural elements at play too. Sirens! Radios! The Devil himself! This is no typical summer camp.

In this rambling blog post, I will be speculating on the type of world WKTD takes place in, as well as what significance they may have on one’s understanding of the story as a whole.

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I want to create a short VN so I have a completed project to be proud of

It’s been said by some that the best way to go about Doing Things is to Do Something. And that something should be small.

With that in mind, I have an idea for something small and likely doable, and by posting about it here, maybe I can get my act together and actually do it.

The idea that I have in mind is to create a short visual novel with Renpy. I got the idea for this during a roleplay I was doing in which one character was to propose marriage to another.

The current working title is “An Immodest Proposal.” The proposal part is rather self-explanatory, as it is a marriage proposal, but it can be considered immodest because the proposer in the original RP this was based upon did not consider herself worthy of marriage. Naturally, it’s also a reference to a satirical essay by Johnathan Swift.

I already have a plot map (made by a flowchart software I downloaded just for this project) which is mostly complete, but for once, I haven’t started much actual writing.

The problem with visual novels is that they tend to be, well, visual. With that and my unimpressive art skills in mind, I will probably end up keeping the two main characters (the proposer and the proposed) the same characters they were in the RP: Tei Sukone and Miku Hatsune. This would allow me to create character art with MMD.

Besides the usual sticking to a project issue, I forsee the main barrier would be trying to find some music, especially as one of the ideas I have requires a MIDI of a particular hip-hop song…